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A wellness lifestyle encompasses not only your habits and behaviors, but it reflects your beliefs about yourself. Placing value on you wellness is a sign of a healthy belief and love for yourself. Health isn’t just based on one thing, and it doesn’t require perfection. What does help is an understanding of the small positive shifts that can make a BIG difference, most of which are under our control!

These four elements require balance for Optimal Health.


* Maintain a positive outlook.

* Support social & emotional health.

* Reduce Stress.


* Eat well with lots of vegetables and minimal processed foods.

* Hydrate – Drink 1/2 your body weight in ounces of water daily.

* Add-in nutritional supplementation.


* Include healthy movement daily.


* Get plenty of quality sleep.

* Nurture spiritual connection.

* Incorporate Self-Care routines.

Try these tips for each area above to create better balance for a More Holistic YOU! Click on the bold/italicized words below to link to more learning!


* Practice Gratitude – journal

* Engage with community, and/or develop passion with a new hobby.

* Deep Breath or Meditate


* 80% – 20% rule (80% “real” food)

*Add in an Essential Oil to you H2O for flavor!

* Baseline Supplements should include a Daily Vitamin, an Omega, a Cellular Regeneration complex, & a Probiotic.


* 15-30min. Just Walk, Yoga or Pilates.


* 8-9 hours in bed, practice good sleep hygiene.

* Meditation, Prayer, or Gratitude.

* Spoil yourself! Read, or a warm bath.