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Essential Oils-Gifts of the Earth!

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doTerra is the leader in quality standard when it comes to EOs for therapeutic uses.

It is their mission to raise the bar for the industry and they are doing it hands down! They take care in every aspect of the company from sourcing in indigenous soils allowing for optimal oil chemistry, to partnering with farmers-providing fair pay and sustainable growth, giving back to the communities they source from according to their need whether it be schools, health care clinics or clean water sourcing. doTerra has medical and scientific advisory panels and the standard of testing for purity and potency of their oils can not be matched- which of course includes 3rd party testing.

To learn the entire doTERRA process from planting to bottling, please check out http://www.sourcetoyou.com
I’ve done my homework but I invite you to search and compare for yourself. I am confident doTERRA is the best in the industry!