Essential Oil Classes

Essential Oils are plant extracted compounds with a variety of uses and are nature’s formula to support: 

  • Physical & Emotional Health
    • Anti-Aging, Anxiousness, Concentration, Digestive distress, Hormone balance, Immune boosting, Seasonal allergies, Sleep challenges, and Stress to highlight a few.
  • Chemical Free Cleaning
  • Cooking
  • Personal Care – Skin/Body/Hair

* As a Certificate Essential Oil Coach Dr. Axe Essential Oil Institute ) I teach safe and effective methods of essential oil uses. I also help guide you to choose which essential oils will be appropriate based on needs.

Enjoy this Free Essential Oils 101 Zoom Class with Jenn!

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Essential Oil Classes by request

*Individual consults or Group classes can be scheduled at wellness centers, clinics, schools, coffee shops or at home and held in person or via video conferencing / Zoom. Fee structures vary and may even be FREE based on class materials or venue needs.
Class topic ideas:
  • EO’s 101- Natural Solutions for your health and entire family!
  • EO’s for Emotional health, Brain Health, or Healthy Skin!
  • EO’s for Cleaning- get the toxic chemicals out of your home!
  • Cooking and Cocktails (or Mocktails) with EO’s
  • Custom classes available – let’s brainstorm

The Art of Blending Essential Oils workshop

Learn how to create blends. We’ll cover the characteristics of oils along with general rules on what oils to mix and in what ratios.

(This course is best for individuals who have some essential oil experience)

Essential Oil Make & Take workshops

These can be customized by topic: skin and body care, cleaning products, emotional health, personal wellness and more!

Use the CONTACT PAGE to set up a class or workshop!

* Regularly scheduled wellness and essential oil classes offered at Osteopathic Integrative Medicine in Lakewood, Colorado and Kore Regenerative Medicine in Golden, Colorado will be posted on the events calendar.


* A NOTE about Essential Oil Quality! I offer doTerra products because they are the leader in quality standard when it comes to EOs for therapeutic uses. 

doTERRA takes care in every aspect of the company from sourcing in indigenous soils allowing for optimal oil chemistry, to partnering with farmers-providing fair pay and sustainable growth, giving back to the communities they source from according to their need whether it be schools, health care clinics, or clean water sourcing. doTerra has medical and scientific advisory panels and the standard of testing for purity and potency of their oils can not be matched- which of course includes 3rd party testing.

To learn the entire doTERRA process from planting to bottling, please check out
I’ve done my homework but I invite you to search and compare for yourself. I am confident doTERRA is the best in the industry!