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Join our Community for a New Start in 2020!

This cleanse group program includes 2 parts:

❶ Specific nutraceuticals/vitamin supplements from doTERRA natural products. There are 3 – 10 day phases in which to take them. The supplements are formulated to gently detox the body and replenish This aspect is key – many cleanses on the market detox your body with no built-in replenishment plan which will leave you tired, worn-out, and nutrient deficient. This plan makes sure to nourish you too!

❷ The Closed FB Group which will begin January 15th will provide 30 days group Health Coaching by Jenn – Athletic Trainer and Certified Health Coach with a variety of support for nutrition, sleep, movement, and easy to implement wellness hacks! This group will be interactive and give you the opportunity to ask wellness questions. ***The Group page with coaching will open on January 15th- No worries if you don’t have your supplements/nutraceuticals yet you can start with them as soon as they arrive!

Cost: The GROUP Coaching is Included/Free! The only cost is the doTERRA supplements to be purchased from a the team DoTERRA site:

NEW USERS- $280; You can use this link to purchase the products then email me at to be added to the group!

CURRENT CUSTOMERS-$245 order the “Cleanse & Restore Kit” from your existing account.

Sign up by January 15th to get started!