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Self-care is anything that improves your well-being encouraging you to take time out, no matter how small, to find a few moments of Zen.

One: Take 10 Minutes for Yourself daily.

Even if you feel like you don’t have a lot of time in your day, you can usually identify 10 minutes each day where you can do something you find relaxing or take time for yourself. Choose a consistent time each day, whether it’s right before you go to bed or immediately when you wake up. This can include reading, listening to music you like, watching a funny video on YouTube (laughter is great medicine), or go old school and play a hand of solitaire.

Two: Get Outside

No matter how busy you are, make it a habit to step outside for a breath of fresh air each day. Research suggests time outside helps you sleep better at night, lowers heart rate, reduces stress levels, boosts mental health, and stimulates the immune system. This can include taking a walk outside or sitting outdoors while eating dinner. Tap into your senses – feel the sunshine or breeze on your skin, hear the birds chirping or the wind through the trees, smell the newly cut grass or fresh rain, watch the clouds passing through the blue sky!

Three: Make Small, Healthy Dietary Changes

If the idea of making big changes to your diet feels overwhelming, set a goal to make small changes instead. Some easy small changes include drinking more water, swapping a sugary dessert for fruit, switching to grilled chicken for fried, or eating one new vegetable type per week. Knowing you’re doing something good for your health can help boost your confidence and your overall health. Take a moment to acknowledge it – be proud of yourself for that small change!

Four: Make High-Quality Sleep a Priority

Sleep is a HIGHLY underrated activity! It is during sleep when the body heals and regenerates. Practice good “sleep hygiene.” This includes going to sleep at the same time daily, refraining from looking at phones, laptops, and tablets at least one hour before going to bed, and keeping your bedroom dark and cool to promote better sleep.

Five: Try a Gratitude or Positivity Reflection

Taking some time to reflect on your day can help you improve gratitude. Each day write down at least one and up to three good things you did each day or are grateful for. This could include making a person feel good, improving on a work process, or reaching out to a friend or family member. Reflecting on all the good things in your life can enhance your feelings about life overall.