Health & Wellness Coaching

A Health Coach helps someone identify health goals and become a proactive participant in their own self-health management. As a motivator and supportive mentor, a Health Coach considers all areas of a person’s life including lifestyle and behavior, in addition to nutritional choices.
Health Coaching may include a variety of elements of a holistic wellness plan including but not limited to lifestyle modification in the areas of nutrition, exercise or movement medicine, mindset-stress managementoutlook, restoration-recovery-sleep, and self-care.

As an Athletic Trainer with Sports Medicine expertise, I also offer customized injury prevention and sports recovery mentoring in a coaching format.

Free Discovery Consultation

15 minute call to see if we’re the right fit for each other.

Initial Consultation $55

This 45-minute consultation will allow us to meet, discuss initial needs & goals to customize a plan for you.

Health Coaching Packages

Sessions are typically 45minutes-1 hour in length.

6 sessions $389; 12 sessions $749; Custom packages also available.

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