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As essential oils become more popular, so are concerns about whether these highly concentrated plant extracts are safe for common use. Many consumers are unaware of the potential risks while using essential oils in their wellness, beauty, and cleaning routines. Quality essential oils are generally safe and free of adverse side effects when used properly. However, as with any substance you are introducing into your body, it is important to use them intelligently. Not all oils are created equal – Quality always matters but especially if you are intending to use Eos for improving health or in an effort to live a more natural lifestyle.

So, what is a Quality Essential Oil? There are a few items to consider:

1. Where are they sourced? Oils sourced from plants growing in the optimal soil, typically its native location, will have optimal chemistry for health benefits and full aromatic value.

2. Are they 3rd party tested on every batch? Many EO companies perform their own testing which is fine but a 3rd party should also be evaluating to ensure reliable results. Some do randomized testing but this doesn’t ensure every bottle is pure. BE AWARE -Many EO companies do not test at ALL!

3. Consider Purity (no contaminants) and Potency (not diluted with fillers)

4. Organic, is a good start but does not guarantee the highest standard. General info – US Organic allows for 5% pesticides.

5. As everyone knows you get what you pay for! If you find Frankincense at a BIG BOX store for $7 …know there is no REAL frankincense in it!

Unfortunately, this industry is not regulated so the bottle can say pure, therapeutic grade, or all natural and it is just not true! So ultimately do your homework and be well!