I’m Jenn Dougherty, I’m a mom, Integrative healthcare believer, lover of food as medicine, and essential oils as natural solutions.


Beginning with a very traditional western medical approach in my 25 year career I have evolved with an ever growing curiosity, search for knowledge and continued education for more integrative approaches.

I enjoy educating about safe essential oil use for families and bringing them into the clinical settings to physicians, clinicians, and health practitioners to utilize these powerful tools to help their patients.

My passion is blending natural approaches with western medical tools for true integrative care! Combined with empowering people through education of simple self-care methods and powerful natural solutions is my mission!

Personally, my first line of defense for health care at home is essential oils and herbal home remedies and when that’s not getting the job done…we go to the Doctor. I believe a BALANCED approach is key! 

Yes, I’m also an optimist/idealist – I embrace the lens through which I see the world 😉

Thanks for coming to the site and I hope you find the information and services to be helpful in your wellness journey.


Education, Training, & Experience


Master of Arts- Human Services Administration- Healthcare Administration Rider University, NJ

Bachelor of Arts – Athletic Training & Physical Education Kean University, NJ


Certified Athletic Trainer – BOC (Board of Certification for the Athletic Trainer)

Certificate Massage Therapist – Colorado School of Healing Arts

Certificate Health Coach- Dr Sears Wellness Institute

Certificate Health Coach Specialization- Essential Oil Coaching – Dr. Axe EOI

Certified Health Coach endorsement by the AADP.

Specialization Certificate- National Academy of Sports Medicine Sports Performance Enhancement Specialist “NASM-PES”


25 years *11 years Athletic Trainer (AT) – Athletics/”Traditional” Sports Medicine: Intercollegiate DI, II, & III; High School and Competitive Club/ Olympic Development Sports *14 years – AT as Physician Extender, AT Physical Rehabilitation Provider, Health Coach, Essential Oil Coach in Clinical Settings: 11 years Integrative Medicine, 3 years PT Clinic